5 Fun Facts About Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is associated with steel or sports by most people. The very well known football team of Steelers, the baseball team was known as the Bulldogs and hockey team who are called penguins is the fun experience that most people would relate to when asked about Pittsburg. However, there are many more fun facts about Pittsburgh for everyone to enjoy. Here are some 5 fun facts about Pittsburgh

Beautiful Hills For Hikes And Bike Enthusiasts

The beautiful hills and roads on the hills is an amazing fun place for the bike riders. Whether training or just doing it for fun, most riders enjoy doing it in Pittsburg while watching the rivers and the valleys. The views of the hills and the rivers make the experience so amazing. This is not just a view for the riders but it is also a fun place that most people would enjoy having a hike at. This is also the right place for the best way to grow strawberries.

City of bridges

More than any city in the world, Pittsburgh is known for the many bridges it has. There are 446 bridges there. A good number of the bridges cross the three rivers making it a fun thing to pass through when in the city. Except for the drawbridge, this city boasts every type of bridge. There are arch bridges, one made of coral, a bridge inside the USX Tower. The bridges will take you several trips to get an experience on all the bridges. The fun in it also is that these bridges connect you from one destination to another making the trip more amazing.

The Carnegie Museum of art

The museum was founded in 1985. It is located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. There is so much art in it including film and video works .it also holds a lot of interesting exhibitions that one can not afford to miss. This gives the opportunity of meeting up with celebrities when visiting this place.

A friendly place for the pets

Pittsburgh is one of the places that you will not worry about carrying your pet along. It is said that this city is dog-friendly. There are quite a good number of hotels in this city that are pet-friendly. This is irrespective of your budget; you will always get a good place for you and your pet to stay in this city. Of course, this will come with good food too. This is a favorable place for people who love traveling with their pets.

The Startling Pittsburgh Firsts

There are many things that were first done in Pittsburg. The first kidney transplant was done in Presbyterian university in 1989. The first robotic institute is also found in this city. The first big Mac created by Jim Delligatti in 1967 is also in Pittsburgh. There are so many other interesting firsts that you get to learn about while in Pittsburgh.

This city is now one of the leaders in technologies and was the center of industry. This combination of modern technologies and history makes the city a very good place to be. It is good for fun, getting to know history and for relaxing.